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We offer a range of content writing services including blog articles, web copy and product descriptions. Our content writing service is bespoke, unique, and tailored for you. We use white-hat techniques that adhere to Google’s guidelines, meaning you can be assured that you will get the results that you want, and at a price point that fits your budget


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We offer a range of content writing services including blog articles, web copy and product descriptions. Our content writing service is bespoke, unique, and tailored for you. We use white-hat techniques that adhere to Google’s guidelines, meaning you can be assured that you will get the results that you want, and at a price point that fits your budget

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Ask us, “write my essay online,” and keep the cost of your custom paper cheap to help your budget.

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Get an amazing essay finished fast in no longer than 4 hours if the deadline is dangerously close.

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Request APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard, or any other formatting style needed in your paper

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Whatever subject causes you pain, we always have professional academic writers who can deal with it perfectly

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Talk to your writer directly and track every step of your order from your personal account

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Don’t pay for a title page, bibliography, or the help of our support assistants when using our professional writing service


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CustomWritings is your best choice when you come asking, “Help with my essay please, I need someone to explain this topic to me.” We always have professional essay writers for hire available to compose an amazing piece based on your demands. 80+ disciplines, 4 academic levels, and any complexity—this is just the starting point of what we have to offer.

To satisfy even the pickiest students, we give you three categories of pro essay writers. All of them are highly qualified in their disciplines and willing to help with your paper:

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Personal handpicked writer
Personal Handpicked Writer
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Free amendments
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High standard custom paper
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24/7 support
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Highly Confidential
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Ontime Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

For most of the colleges globally, if they are asking for SOP, the word count or length of the Statement of Purpose should between 750-1000 words, unless the university has mentioned a different word count in their guidelines of the SOP writing. In case of some specific guidelines or questions, it should be done accordingly. In the cases of Canada Visa SOP or some student visa refusal cases, the length of the draft may extend up to 3-4 pages.

SOP is a crucial document which ensures whether you will be selected for the particular course in the university or not. Therefore, it must be drafted in professionally, showcasing you as an intellectual and goal-oriented person. Professional SOP writers are aware with the requirements of the university and know how to create a beautiful story out of your profile. They make each SOP authentic and unique. Moreover, taking assistance from a professional SOP writer will give you an edge over your competitors.

Commence your SOP with the motivation that led you to pursue the particular course or program. Mention your academic achievements and professional background and link it to the program that you are planning to pursue. After that mention your extra-curricular activities, your future vision, short- and long-term goals. Mention strong reasons for choosing the particular college from particular country and show its relevance to your career progression. In the end of your statement of purpose, mention about your contributions to the campus or student community if you are given the opportunity to study the program. If you are not confident about your writing skills then you can hire SOP writers by searching on Google “SOP Writing Services near me”.


The importance of an SOP writing can be understood from the fact that this document, if not written properly, might cost a student lose his opportunity to study in his dream university or the country. Therefore, it is critical to pay a close attention while writing the statement. Use all your childhood stories, passion, academic background, goals to make a point that you are the first candidate who should get admission, so that you can make an advancement in the particular field. It is not just a document but a letter of fate which decides your future. Similarly, in the case of the Visa SOP for Canada, the logical progression of the study and reasons for coming back to the home country must be very clear. People don’t pay enough attention while addressing the major concerns of the visa officer through their SOP. Their Visa gets rejected because of the lousy SOP. Many applicants act smart and hire Visa SOP Writers in Delhi or from India to have a perfect SOP and thereby increases their chances of going to a foreign land.


Each SOP is written on the basis of course, university and country. If you are applying for more than 1 courses then you cannot use one SOP as courses are different and you need different inspiration. However, if course is same then you can make changes to the paragraphs where you have explained about the university and the country and apply. You can give all the course to your SOP writer, so that he / she can write a generalized SOP which can used for all the courses or colleges with little changes.


When you are applying for degree, diploma, certificate and research programs, you have to share Course SOP which focuses on your profile and then on the course where you also need to clarify that what you will study in the course and how this course is going to help you achieve your dreams. Whereas the Visa SOP, apart from focusing the course content and outcomes, focuses on your family background, financial status, proof of funds, language score, ties to your home country and your pervious international travel history. It should convince the visa officer that you are a genuine students applying as a temporary entrant and has no intentions to stay back there after completion of the course. If you are not sure how to create these two different versions then you should hire SOP writing services to make them perfect, especially in the case visa SOP writing else you Study Permit can be rejected.


SOP or Letter of explanation after refusal of study permit in Canada needs proper justification of the refusal grounds. You need to understand very well that why your visa was rejected and then you have to prepare convincing answers to each of their refusal grounds or objections.